The Great Aspects You Can Find on TaylorMade RSi 1 Irons

Whenever there are new golf clubs for sale coming into our eyes, some players would doubt if the new golf clubs worth lot of money or not. Yes, this is reasonable, because no one want to spend thsousands of money on some clubs which are useless. So, what’s great about the new clubs?

Today, I would to discuss about the new TaylorMade RSi 1 Irons. What’s so great with them? TaylorMade has made a thin, deep undercuts and inverted cone technology to maintain ball speed over the whole face. You’ll see the two slots on the face near the heel and toe. The consistency of the ball speed is increased with its uniform flexion as well. Let’s take a more in depth look at the irons to see their specific features and benefits.

TaylorMade RSi 1 Irons for Sale UK are great for golfers who suffer from mis-hits. They use Face Slot Technology to help you land on more greens and shoot lower scores. The uniform flexion across the face does a good job of protecting ball speed and generating more consistent shots. The Face Slot technology is featured in the 3-8 iron.


There’s also an improved Speed Pocket with ThruSlot Technology in the 3-7 iron. This added benefit increases launch angle and ball speed on all shots. The Speed Pocket of the new TaylorMade RSi 1 Irons gives golfers some additional ball speed protection on shots below the center of the face. You’ll experience better performance on mis-hits.

The TaylorMade RSi 1 Irons for Sale also have a thin face, a deep undercut and Inverted Cone Technology to give golfers face speed for consistence distance on their shots. Sound and feel have been improved with an advanced construction and multiple sound dampening systems.

Actually, TaylorMade introduced intotal 3 RSi series irons including RSi 1 RSi 2 and RSi TP irons. In my opinion, they are not that kind of golf clubs for sale UK which you can compare them with the previous TaylorMade SLDR Irons.  To those who prefer sldr irons, they would think sldr irons are their best ones.

Tips to Help You Adjust Your TaylorMade R15 Driver

As we all know that golf clubs for sale are important for us, and better golf clubs are necessary. But the better does not mean more expensive. When the clubs are excellent and fit you well, they can be regarded as the best golf clubs for you. In order to get better and cheap golf clubs for sale UK, we need to adjust the loft or lie angle or shaft of the clubs we have. However, this is always a big problem for many golf players.

For example, many players may ask the same question ” How to adjust my TaylorMade R15 Driver correctly? ” There’s a lot of adjustability options with the TaylorMade R15 Fairway Wood, but don’t feel overwhelmed. There’s a serious amount of tech on this stick. Once you know what you’re doing, it only takes seconds to modify the club to meet your specifications.

Loft is the biggest club adjustment so you’ll want to mess with this first. Bust out your handy torque wrench. Use it to unscrew the 2-degree hosel sleeve where the shaft goes. After spinning it around for a while, the head of the TaylorMade R15 Driver for sale UK will pop off giving you access to the neck. You’ll be able to adjust the loft up to 4 degrees.

And there’s 12 different positions or notches around the hosel’s circumference. Each position creates a different loft setting or angle of the TaylorMade R15 Driver head. You’ll see a small arrow on the hosel. This shows you where you need to set the hosel position to have that setting take effect. If you’re an amateur, we suggest choosing a higher loft. A high loft setting will give you a high launch angle with lower spin.


After adjusting the loft of your TaylorMade R15 Driver, you’ll want to move to the two sliding split weights. Use your handy torque wrench again to unscrew the weights from their locked positions. Move both weights to the center of the sliding track for the maximum amount of distance when using TaylorMade R15 Fairway Wood. This position will produce the most penetrating ball flight.

In addition, if you’re looking for more forgiveness, move the weights to the extreme edges of the sweet spot. This will give you increased stability in the TaylorMade R15 Driver head. The other two options with the sliding track are if you want to hit a fade or a draw.

For the maximum amount of fade, move both sliding weights of the TaylorMade R15 Driver for sale to the toe. A toe-heavy shot will give you a ball flight that arcs to the right. Or, for the maximum amount of draw, move the sliding weights to the heel. You’ll get a ball flight that heads out into left field. This is quite different from the adjustment of TaylorMade R15 Hybrid for sale UK.

Therefore, there are in total 2 steps to adjust the TaylorMade R15 Driver. And you should remember to move the loft first and then mess with the weights. But if you want the surest fit then we suggest going to a professional before taking the TaylorMade R15 Driver out on the course. Better adjusting golf clubs would increase the possibility of improving your game. Just try your best!

Slice? These Drivers Will Help You!

Golf slice is always thought to be one of the biggest golf problems. Many golf players have this kind of problem when playing golf clubs. There are many factors which affect the slice. Among them, the golf clubs for sale you use may affect your golf swing and slice. So, it is important to select proper golf clubs to reduce or avoid slice.

Luckily, many golf brand manufacturers have been listening and they’ve created clubs with you in mind. Although they probably can’t cure a terminal slice, a driver designed for players with mild to moderate slices can make a huge difference to your game as you work on fixing your swing.


Most of the drivers for slicers are adjustable models, that way you can reset the TaylorMade SLDR Driver for sale configuration as your drives get stronger and more consistent. Let’s take a look at some of the best drivers for players that slice.


Among the more basic options for adjustable drivers, TaylorMade SLDR Driver’s feature a 20 gram adjustable weight track on the sole of the clubhead, as well as an adjustable loft sleeve. The 20 gram weight can be moved most of the way to the heel, helping players shape their shots with ease.


The newest version of the TaylorMade R series brings us a set of sliding weights, each packing 12.5 grams of adjustability, for a total of 25 grams of moving weights. Move the two together to create maximum draw or space them out for less dramatic shot shaping. The TaylorMade R15 Driver also has an adjustable loft sleeve to help you further dial in your shots.

In addition, I want to mention the new TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver. It does not only allow you to slightly adjust the face angle with the adjustable loft sleeve, it offers two sets of weights to help influence shots. The front track carries 15 grams of weight that will directly help your slice. The back track has a 10 gram weight to help with spin. All things taken together, this TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver for sale can be shaped and molded to any configuration you need.

The Loft and Lie Angle of TaylorMade RSi 1 Irons

Everyone who plays golf knows that the loft and lie angle are very important for all the golf clubs for sale especially the irons. And some people may easily mistake loft for lie angle. Actually, they are two different terminology in golf. So, what are the differences between them?

In 2015, TaylorMade released the new RSi series irons. They are in total 2 iron sets in this series, they are TaylorMade RSi 1 Irons and TaylorMade RSi 2 Irons. At the point of impact, if the h ead of the iron is too flat it can drag on the grass, acts for an instant as a pivot, and causes the plane of the face to tile towards the right – which is where the ball will go. If the lie is too upright, the heel of the club will dig in and cause pulled shots to the left.

The key innovation on the new TaylorMade RSi 1 Irons for Sale UK is the introduction of Face Slot technology. The slots sit either side of the grooves on the 3-8 irons and help promote uniform flex accross the entire face, helping with consistency on off-centre strikes. The RSi irons – which feature the brand’s pioneering speed pocket technology – also promote a higher launch and increased ball speeds for longer carries.


So how do you tell whether the lie is correct on your TaylorMade RSi 1 Irons? The technology for testing this is very simple. Your local pro should be able to help, and what they’ll do is put some masking or impact tape on the sole of the TaylorMade RSi 1 Irons – and gets you to hit some balls off a lie testing board. This leaves a mark or hole in the tape when you hit a ball off it. If everything is hunky dory, the tape will be marked where the centre of the sole is and the clubs are fine. If it’s marking towards the toe, lie angle is too flat, and towards the heel, too upright.

Not only the irons but also the wedges in the TaylorMade RSi 1 Irons have different lie angle and loft. But usually, the loft of the wedge in the same one set is the same. Once you’ve established whether or not the lie angles need tweaking, most clubs can be usually altered in a matter of minutes by your local pro for a modest fee, well worth paying.

So, once if you find the lie angle of the TaylorMade RSi 1 Irons does not fit you well, please ask a pro to help you adjust the lie angle. Most shop would do this for customers for free. But in some online golf store, the lie angle might not be changed. However, the shaft length can surely be added or shorted.

What Are Included in TaylorMade R15 Woods Range?

As we all know, woods in golf are quite different from the woods in our common and daily lives. In golf, woods are never limited to fairway woods. All the golf clubs for sale UK coming with graphite shafts can be called “woods”. So, inspite of fairway woods, driver and even hybrid can also be regarded as woods.

And nowadays, many golf brands would like to launch the golf clubs in full series from driver to irons. But more golf series only come with woods. For example, TaylorMade R15 Range. In this range, TaylorMade R15 DriverTaylorMade R15 Fairway Wood and TaylorMade R15 Hybrid are all included.

The stand-out technology on the R15 woods is a Front Track system with moveable weights, which replaces the Speed Pocket found on the SLDR driver.  Firstly, let’s take a look at the The TaylorMade R15 Driver. The Front Track system houses two 12.5g weights that can be placed in the toe , heel, centrally or split between the heel and toe to creat more forgiveness.


The TaylorMade R15 Fairway Wood is the brand’s first to feature the sliding-weight technology that made its debut in the SLDR driver. The R15 fairways also feature TaylorMade’s Adjustable Loft Sleeve, which offers 4° of loft adjustability, allowing golfers to fine-tune their trajectory.

Finally, you may find that the TaylorMade R15 Hybrid seems different from previous hybrids. Yes, the TaylorMade R15 Hybrid also boasts 3° of adjustability through the hosel. A new tour-inspired compact shape is coupled with a smaller surface area to make it more playable from a number of different lies.

Ping G30 Is the Top One UK Brand Seller

If you ask me which is the best seller in 2014, I would surely speak Ping G30 series out. And this is what most of the golf players generally acknowledged. Actually, not only in 2014, but also in 2015 that Ping G30 Golf Clubs for Sale are the best seller, especially in UK.

Thanks to the release of Ping G30, we now can all get game improvement golf clubs for sale to improve our games; thanks to the release of Ping G30, our development in golf step forward quite well. Moreover, it is reported that Ping G30 series golf clubs are the No.1 selling UK brand in 2014 and 2015 since it was release in August, 2014.

The G30 has been the top-selling Ping G30 Driver, Ping G30 Fairway Wood, Ping G30 Hybrid and Ping G30 Irons in terms of both value and units since the introduction of the family to the market in August 2014. As a result, PING has achieved the number one selling brand position in terms of value (24.1%) and volume (21.1%) across all clubs.


To Ping, that success is very satisfying, knowing so many golfers are benefiting from the technology of the G30. It’s a tribute to their engineering team and to the hundreds of club fitters around the country who take the time to properly fit their customers for the correct Ping G30 Fairway Wood and Ping G30 Irons.

In addition, their ability to match the head technology with the proper shaft is allowing golfers of all skill levels to see significant distance and accuracy gains, finding more fairways and greens than ever. PING’s G30 range especially the Ping G30 Driver has topped four of the major hardware product categories over the past 12 months.

As the updating series of G25, it seems that it is very difficult for the following series to surpass G30. Now, you can find that golf players using G30 golf clubs for sale in every part of the world. However, golf is always keep going ahead. We look forward to each innovation once if it is becoming better.

Callaway X2 Hot Dirver Is in David Horsey’s Bag

As professional golf players, what golf clubs for sale they use are always the hot topic of all the other golf lovers. We are always eager to see what are in their bags so that they can win the tourment and play golf in such a high level. Though we always say that one person’s success is not based on what he or she use, we are still interested in what are in their bags.

In 2014, there are several important tourments in world, and I have to remind one of them-the Russian Open champion. When it comes to Russian Open champion, then I have to talk about David Horsey. Why? Yes, because he clinched his hat-trick of European Tour titles with playoff victory over Damien McGrane at the Russian Open.

Now, let’s take a look at his golf bag. First of all, we should know that David Horsey is a Callaway golf player. Callaway golf clubs for Sale UK must be his first choice. As we can see that the Callaway X2 Hot Driver is in his bag plus the Callaway X2 Hot Pro Irons. And you should know that Callaway X2 Hot Pro Irons are so called Pro irons because they are more professional than commen Callaway X2 Hot Irons.


If you have ever watched this Open, you must have been deeply attracted by his excellent skill and beautiful gestury. Another par four at the first extra hole was enough to give Horsey a third European Tour triumph as McGrane was unable to recover from hitting his second shot into the greenside bunker with his Callaway X2 Hot Driver for Sale UK.

The Callaway staff player, who trusted the Callaway X2 Hot Driver, X2 Hot Pro fairway and hybrid and SR3 ball, had squandered the lead earlier in the final round but surged back into the mix when chipping in for eagle at the back of 17 before getting up and down from sand at the 18th to force extra time with the Irishman.

Althouh Callaway X2 Hot Driver and Callaway X2 Hot Irons are released in early 2014, it would never affect your use of this club. Good golf clubs for sale uk are not only used by the moment. Once the club suit you well and you love the feel of swing it out, then that would be your club.

Titleist AP1 716 Irons vs Titleist AP2 716 Irons

As we all know that Titleist released 2 sets of golf clubs for sale at one time on late 2015. To follow the function of previous old 714 series, this time, Titleist launched new updating 716 series irons which include Titleist AP1 716 Irons and Titleist AP2 716 Irons intotal 2 molders. However, they are very close to each other so that we always find it difficult to make a decision which to choose.

The first points to make are the differences between the two without hitting a shot. The Titleist AP1 716 Irons for Sale UK has a larger overall size, longer blade length, thicker top line and more offset compared to the Titleist AP2 716 Irons for Sale UK. The AP1 has a higher MOI and is on average 3° stronger through the set but both have the same stock shaft length.

The AP1 3-7 irons have 42g of tungsten on average, 50% more than 714 while the AP2 3-7 irons have 56g of tungsten on average, 25% more than 714. In terms of feel, the Titleist AP2 716 Irons feel a little softer than Titleist AP1 716 Irons down to the co-forging process but also because AP1 is geared more towards distance and has a feel to match that.2

Where both irons excel is the distance control on offer. Both AP1 and AP2 offer very tight levels of distance consistency from front-to-back on both well-struck shots and slight mishits while maintaining a high level of accuracy. Shots that you would expect to miss the green may now find the putting surface.

The Titleist AP1 716 Irons will generate more distance, that’s a fact. If you have ever tested the irons, you would find that this equated to around 6-7 yards in the 7-iron and this increase was pretty consistent through the set. There’s also no doubt the Titleist AP1 716 Irons are more confidence inspiring behind the ball and is generally easier to hit.

Actually, in my opinion, Titleist AP1 716 Irons would be better for those who demand different feel and want some change. However, if you want more of a traditional looking iron and are more worried about feel and distance control, the AP2 should be your choice.

TaylorMade SLDR Irons Came with an Improved Speed Pocket

Compair with the new TaylorMade Rsi 1 Irons and RSi 2 Irons, many golf players would easily forget the “old” sldr irons. Yes, they are old models produced in early 2014 which are not so new compared with other 2015 golf clubs for sale. However, this does never mean they are not game improvement golf irons.

The TaylorMade SLDR Irons for Sale UK feature a classic clubhead in terms of shape, size and finish, and should offer more distance and yardage consistency thanks to an improved Speed Pocket.

The TaylorMade SLDR Irons’ Speed Pocket is characterised by a 2mm-wide slot cut high up behind the clubface. This slot enables a large area of the face to flex and rebound at impact, resulting in faster ball speeds, a higher launch angle, strong ball flight and a steeper, quick stopping descent angle.


The new ThruSlot extends all the way through the bottom cavity, and works in conjunction with the ultra-thin clubface and deep undercut to promote tremendous face-flex at impact. The TaylorMade SLDR Irons‘ sound and feel benefit from a vibration-dampening system that includes the polymer that fills the Speed Pocket and a shock-absorbing badge positioned in the cavity.

In addition, ThruSlot Technology in TaylorMade SLDR Irons for Sale promotes a higher ball flight, longer carry distances and more consistent gapping between irons than the older version found in the SpeedBlade and RocketBladez irons, as demonstrated right.

And TaylorMade SLDR Irons should be playable for both tour professionals and amateur golfers because of the SLDR iron’s slim. So, if you require a set of irons which are of thicker sole and topline, then you would better not select the sldr irons. Nevertheless, the TaylorMade SLDR Irons are still one of the best game improvement irons.


TaylorMade RSi 1 Irons and RSi 2 Irons

Nowaways, more and more players find it easier to mis-hits struck outside the centre of the face when using the golf clubs for sale especially the irons. Yes, that is a common problem during our shots. So, in order to improve this golf issue, the new TaylorMade RSi irons have been designed to help manage your misses. In essence, the golfer who misses less frequent will score better.

Coupled with an improved Speed Pocket, the new TaylorMade Rsi 1 Irons and RSi 2 irons now provide forgiveness across the whole head as opposed to just the bottom when you catch the ball thin. Targeted towards the game improvement player and acting as a direct replacement to the former SpeedBlade iron, TaylorMade Rsi 1 Irons feature new Face Slot Technology in the 9 irons.

And as you can see from the image of the TaylorMade Rsi 1 Irons for sale uk below, two slots are located near the heel and toe of the clubface that provide uniform flexion across the face. Face Slot Technology also protects ball speed and generates more consistent distance on off-centre hits.3

An improved Speed Pocket with ThruSlot Technology, as you can see from the image of the sole below,features in the TaylorMade Rsi 1 Irons, providing ball speed protection on shots below the centre of the face, as well as increasing launch angle and ball speed on all shots.

In addition, the Advanced Face Design – TaylorMade’s thinnest face which was found in the TaylorMade Rsi 1 Irons for sale, deep undercut and Inverted Cone Technology combined – to promote maximum face speed, while improved sound and feel is achieved through advanced construction and multiple dampening systems.

The TaylorMade Rsi 1 Irons are now available for purchase at any golf shop or online store. They are really good helpers to help you not miss-hit the face though they are expensive. Actually, you can go to some online golf store uk to find some bargains.