The Comparison between Ping G30 Driver and Ping G25 Driver

When there is  improvement, there must be comparison. In golf field, once of there are new series coming out, we all love to compare them with the previous or old series. Why we do this? Because we always want to get some difference or similarity to jude whether the new series golf clubs for sale are better or not so that we can make a decision on which to choose to improve our game.

And the comparison is easily to be found between 2 difference series but the same golf brand. Among so many golf clubs for sale, I want to talk about the hot Ping G30 Driver and Ping G25 Driver. As a golf player, actually, I have used both of the 2 drivers above.   Now, let’s  get some more details below:

The Ping G30 launch is a particularly interesting one for me. I have tested almost every driver that has been launched in the last seven years. I have been using the Ping G25 driver for sale UK since the first day it was launched in January 2013. I have found models that offer around five yards of added yardage out of the middle of the club but for consistency, forgiveness and overall performance I’ve found nothing to rival the G25.

With this in mind I was intrigued to see what the Ping G30 Driver for Sale would have to offer. Visually the head is a familiar Ping G shape, slightly more rounded than the Ping G25 driver, so not as long from the top edge to the back of the crown, which gives it a shape that is reminiscent of the Ping G30. The turbulators on the crown are the obvious visual change to what was previously a very clean looking head at address. Surprisingly this change isn’t distracting at all. Instead it makes it clear where the face is pointing when over the ball.


Claims that the turbulators will increase swing speed and therefore ball speed were undoubtedly proven to be true during my testing. Carry distance through the air was consistently around 5 yards longer than with my old Ping G25 Driver. Most impressively this has been achieved without sacrificing any forgiveness whatsoever.

The added adjustability of five loft settings instead of three will prove most beneficial when being fitted. The Ping custom fitting process is already impressive but the ability to add or takeaway up to a full degree of loft will allow the expert fitters to dial in the setup that is just right.

While new driver models often offer slight tweaks to the previous design the Ping G30 Driver offered me obvious distance gains without having to sacrifice any of the already impressive forgiveness. These gains were clear during on course testing, even before a launch monitor backed up the gains. The ability to select a head and wide range of loft and stock shaft combinations means that the Ping G30 driver could prove an excellent option for many.

Till now, you must know the result. Yes, I finally chosen the new Ping G30 Driver instead of G25. Though G25 is also an excellent driver for distance and forgiveness, I still prefer G30‘s new design. It depends on my real feeling when test them in hands. Then I know it is just the one I am looking for.

Best Ping G30 Driver as You Can See

You would never know how the club does unless you have actually use it. Recently, I just received my Ping G30 Driver for sale. I am very extremely happy with my purchase. This is my 3rd season of golf and had been currently playing a set of hand me down taylormade supersteel irons. Currently I range anywhere from an 11-17 handicap. I went in with an open mind for my fitting.

The G30 is Ping’s first G-series driver release since late 2012 when the highly acclaimed G25 started popping up on Tour. The Ping G25 driver for sale was widely considered as one of the most balanced drivers on the market, providing a combination of distance and forgiveness that few others could match. It seems Ping has made some improvements with its new G30.


The driver has “Turbulators,” which come in the shape of six fins on the top of the black matte crown that frame the center of the club head. With the G30, Ping also adds more “pop” to its best-selling driver line with a bright blue color scheme. The subtle addition of a blue hue, seen with a stripe on the bottom of the driver head, becomes more apparent on the head cover.


After a few swings I knew the callaways were not the clubs for me. Although the taylormade’s may be the longest irons I’ve ever hit just didn’t seem to be that consistent with them. I narrowed it down between the G25′s and the Callaway X2 Hot Driver for sale. The AP1′s were the best looking club in the game improvement irons in my opinion. I just loved the explosion and feel of these G25s very forgiving on miss hits and get the ball up in the air in a hurry.


The key feature of the new G30 sure to grab headlines is the presence of six fins which Ping have dubbed “Turbulators” on the crown of the G30 Driver for sale, designed to streamline aerodynamics during the swing. Better aerodynamics mean less drag, more clubhead speed, ball speed and thus distance.

Now I can’t compare them to the ping G25 Driver for sale as these were the only ones I hit. And they were not as long say as taylormade. But if your looking for great feel forgiveness and exceptional length I would recommend these irons to any mid to hi handicapper! I think it’s safe to say these irons won’t be leaving my bag anytime soon!

Be Aware of the Differences between Ping G25 Driver and Ping G30 Driver

As we all know that Ping introduced a driver that strays from the norm in 2014 and the G30 brings a lot to the table: adjustability, technology, looks, and high performance shaft options. I was a little surprised when I got my first in-person glance at the Ping G30 Griver for sale.

The G30 driver has a 460cc head, new T9S face material that offers a thin, lightweight material to optimize ball speeds across the face. This driver combines with the matte black finish give the driver an industrial look. The G30 has put me back to were I was when I left the game, 220 to 260 and either on the fairway or just off most of time. Even most of the bad swings now leave me in a better position.

Both the G25 and G30 feel similar. Working with a retired PGA tour pro turned part time instructor so game is getting better and the Ping G30 Driver  for sale has really helped! The design maintains the same outer diameter and mass as Ping’s traditional fixed hosels. This provides the benefits of adjustability on different degree without sacrificing the performance that’s often lost in clubs with larger, bulkier hosel designs.

给5 vs跟0

Ping engineers made structural reinforcements to the crown, sole and skirt in order to offer the Ping G25 Driver for sale a solid feel and sound. Variable thickness behind the face powerfully transfers the energy of a players swing into the ball, producing fast ball speeds leading to greater distances off the tee.

Based off only numbers, it is easy to tell that the G30 out-performed the G25 for me. Before testing, I was unsure about the Ping G30 Driver for sale, but I don’t believe my assumptions were on point. Both drivers have similar weight shafts and swing weights and still the G30 added 4 MPH of club head speed propelling the ball 10 yards farther than the G25.

Ping G30 Irons VS Ping G25 Irons

As golf players, we always like to compare one golf club with another to find the difference and advantages. I have played with Ping G25 Driver, irons and 30 irons and loved them. The G2 irons are awesome when it comes to hitting greens. I seem to lose distance with the longer irons but my dispersion pattern is very good. As senior golfer I love the weight of the shafts.

Ping G30 Irons for sale which form part of Ping’s new G30 range of woods, hybrids and irons – are designed to offer increased distance, forgiveness and consistency. It gets shorter from 4-iron through to lob wedge, with progressive offset making long irons more forgiving and shorter clubs easier to control.


The G30 irons boast an undercut cavity, which helps to lower the centre of gravity, facilitating improved launched conditions and increased forgiveness. The Custom Tuning Port – which also helps move the centre of gravity lower and further back – sits low down on the irons, which are, as a consequence, able to support a thinner face and generate faster ball speeds. Both the CTP and the undercut cavity help to ensure the Ping G30 Irons online provide a solid feel at impact.

Ping G25 Irons are more compact than the old Ping G20 Irons in every way — especially the short irons, which our reviewer called “downright svelte looking.” But despite the smaller size, Ping managed to make the G25 irons longer and more forgiving. The long irons also fly higher than previous models, and do so without adding too much spin.


Well, Ping made the faces of the G25 Irons for sale thinner. That didn’t necessarily make the faces any springier, but what it did do was free up a few extra grams of weight for Ping to sprinkle around the cavity, which makes the club more stable on off-center strikes to make those shots fly close to the same distance as solid hits.

In a word, I want to say that I can forsee myself getting better with the Ping G25 for sale as there is an increase in distance as before. I would recommend this for people who want more distance. The feel is pretty good too.

Ping G25 Driver Suits Every Golf Player

Ping have added adjustability to the G25 driver for the first time and this is a good thing. When Ping added adjustability to the Anser driver, the designers were under strict instructions not to change the shape or internal dynamics of the head. They managed this and came up with Ping’s adjustbale hosel that weighs the same as the previous one and this now appears in the G25 driver.

The hosel works on the principle of locking the shaft in place through contours on the shaft tip rather than grooves and it can sometimes be a little stiff to remove the head because of this. However as it is only 0.5 degrees up or down it is more of a fine tuning option to help bridge the gaps between all the various head lofts to give you the trajectory that suits you the best.

There are some sublte changes to the head shape of the Ping G25 driver from the G20 driver. It is slightly longer front to back and now looks a fraction triangular. It is also taller at the face and the sole weight at the back is less pronounced and not as tall. These are all small changes to improve the performance of the club, but unfortunately it does not do much for the sound which as a result of the new shape is a little more piercing than before.


The driver sits well at address and even though it seems to want to fall open when you ground it, it does stay square. This could be because the more subtle shaping around the sole weight allows the camber of the sole to work with the adjustable hosel as the change in loft changes the lie fractionally.

The Ping G25 driver still gives you all the forgiveness you are used to from their G drivers. The trajectory of the G25 driver was similar to the G20 and the flight was maybe a little stronger. The G25 comes with a very good TFC189 shaft that is the same weight as the previous TFC169 at 58 grams in the stiff flex we tried. It’s stability seemed good although for some reason it did feel a little heavier when swinging the club even though everything else is the same.

Moreover, the G25 driver is suitable for all stages of players at any age no matter young players or senior players. Everyone who have ever used G25 driver would know its charm.