Titleist 915F Fairway Wood Review

Titleist is always doing good in producing the 9 series golf clubs for sale from 909 to the latest 915. Among all these clubs, I only used the latest 913 and 915 but feel quite good. And not long ago, I bought the new 915 clubs especially the Titleist 915F Fairway Wood for sale.

Today, I want to talk about my own review on using the 915 wood. Actually, there is another 915 wood called 915FD. Both of the 2 fairway woods are released. But in my opinion, the 915FD fairway wood might fit professional golfers better. I think the Titleist 915F Fairway Wood suit me well.

After using the Titleist 915F Fairway Wood, I found it quite easy to use. Good straight penetrating flight. Nice launch. Good solid stock shafts and decent “upgrade options”. Nice shape, sits well behind the ball.2

Yes, it is really easy to hit off a variety of lies…whether it be a tee or a close fairway the shallow faced Titleist 915F Fairway wood gets the  meat of the face to the ball. Flight is nice and penetrating and its easy to work both ways if needed.

You need to put a bad swing on Titleist 915F Fairway Wood to make it misbehave badly. Anyone with a half reasonable swing should be able to hit this and these fairways will find themselves in a wider range of ability players bags. No more can a Titleist fairway wood be considered as solely a “better players club”.

By the way, during the use of 915F wood, I suggest you also select the titleist 915 driver to use together with the wood. The same series golf clubs will help you fix the problem better and improve your game more easily.

Titleist 915F Fairway Wood and Its Family

Titleist golf clubs for sale are always one of the best choices for most golfers. The new Titleist 915 family contains many of the technological advancements that are present in the new Titleist 915 Driver for sale, including an Active Recoil Channel (ARC), which provides low spin and more speed accross the face.

There are two fairway woods and two hybrids in Titleist’s new offering – the standard Titleist 915F Fairway Wood and D, and the ‘F.d’ and ‘H.d’ models, which offer less spin. All four 915 fairways and hybrids feature an ultra-thin, high-strength face that is less than 2.1mm thick – some 0.3mm thinner than 913 woods – to deliver increased distance through higher ball speeds.5

Firstly, I want to talk about the Titleist 915F Fairway Wood. In the 915F fairways, the ARC is placed more forward. This reduces spin and deliveres increased distance. Titleist’s 915 fairways and hybrids employ an ultra-thin, high-strength face that is less than 2.1mm thick, helping to boost ball speeds.

The Titleist 915F delivers 1.5mph more ball speed off the tee and 2.4mph off the turf, as compared to the 913F. The Titleist 915F.d and 915H.d models are designed to offer slightly less spin. In the Titleist 915H Hybrid, the ARC is slightly further back to maintain spin for extra control.

Golfers can adjust loft and lie on both the 915 fairway wood and hybrid through the SureFit Tour hosel. Both of the Titleist 915H hybrid and HD hybrid are sold very well now. To me, I would prefer the 915H hybrid. In my opinion, the 915HD hybrid would be better for better golfers like the PGA golfers.

Ping G30 Driver and Titleist 915 Driver Are Both the Best for Seniors

Everyone love golf no matter young or old. You can find many white hair seniors and teenage children on green who put their mind to golf and enjoy their games. Yes, golf has been a part of our life which we cannot live without it. And there are now lots of different golf clubs prepared for different age of people. For seniors, they are no longer young and powerful, then they may require some softer golf clubs for sale.

Actually, there are many golf clubs for sale suit senior golfers well such as Ping G30 Driver and Titleist 915 D2 Driver. When it comes to Titleist 915 Driver, there are intotal 2 series in 915, which is 915 D2 and D3. However, in my opinion, they are not both suitable for seniors. 915 D2 might be better for seniors.

In general, senior golfers don’t really need a heavy shaft. Indeed, a heavy shaft will reduce the spin rate, but if you don’t have the clubhead speed to back it up, you will hit the ball very low and also slice it quite often. I would recommend going for graphite shafts that weight roughly 50-55 grams, as that can drastically improve your swing speed and also give you a better control of your club.


Titleist is one of the best golfing brands out there and it should not be a surprise that they produce the best drivers as well. The new 915D2, released in 2014, is designed to optimize the launch angle with minimal spin, delivering a higher trajectory for maximum distance.

This equates to massive drives every single time. I am currently playing with the Titleist 915 Driver for sale and I feel so comfortable on the tee every time I take my driver out. This driver is great for those with a moderate to fast swing speed.

In addition, Ping G30 Driver for sale would also be a good driver to gain power for seniors. The new PING driver will be able to deliver great distance, but also improved accuracy. The head design may look weird to some people, but if you like it, the G30 outperforms most drivers available on the market.


Moreover, the G30 is ideal for senior golfers with a fast swing speed in excess of 100 mph. Not only young golfers love G30 driver, but also the seniors can perform well with a Ping G30 Driver in hands.

So, if you are a senior golfer and who is now having problem on distance an power, then you can take both of the drivers above into consideration. I think they will surely help you play the game better.

Titleist 915 Driver and Its Big Family

The new Titleist 915 Drivers, built for distance without compromise, are designed using patented Active Recoil Channel technology to produce lower spin and higher speed for more distance – without sacrificing forgiveness.

Available in golf shops worldwide from November 14, 2014 new Titleist 915D2 and 915D3 drivers benefit serious golfers of all swing speeds by delivering maximum distance while maintaining a high MOI for exceptional forgiveness.

Besides the 915 Drivers, Titleist also unveiled its stunning new range of 915 metalwoods, Titleist 915 F Fairway Wood and 915 F.d fairway woods and Titleist 915 H Hybrid and 915 H.d hybrids.  These are all in a big family which is called Titleist 915. The goal of the new 915 line of clubs is to generate a combination of distance and forgiveness by lowering spin, maximising speed, maintaining launch, generating high levels of inertia, as well as being fully adjustable.


The improved performance of Titleist 915 Driver for sale, underlining the Titleist Golf Club R&D team’s driver design strategy of “distance and forgiveness,” is the result of three key advancements . Firstly, the proprietary Active Recoil Channel, a long, wide and deep sole channel that actively flexes at impact and recoils to launch the ball off the face with higher speed and lower spin;

Additionally, the Radial Speed Face, a high-speed forged face insert with a radially thinner perimeter in the heel and toe, which works with the Active Recoil Channel to increase ball speed on off-centre hits; and a precise, high-MOI design with a low and deep centre of gravity location that delivers stability and forgiveness by preserving off-centre ball speed for more distance, more often.

I have to say that Titleist 915 has received much favorable comment from all golf players who have ever used the clubs. You would never regret once you have one 915 club in hands.

Three Common Steps before Playing Titleist 915 Driver

Golf is not as simple as you think. And to play the new Titleist 915 Driver is also not an easy thing. But we all love the 915 drivers, why? You cannot hit the ball out unceremoniously unless you just want to have golf for fun without any purpose. But we know that few people would do so, because golf is always a popular and elegant ball sport.

Actually, you need to prepare for several things before game. In addition to Titleist 915 Driver golf shirt, shoes, gloves, you also need to set up something on posture and footwork. After you set your golf club behind your golf ball and your hands onto the grip of the club, you should be a stepper.

To most golf plyers, there are three responsibilities on feet and in order to accomplish each of these it can and should take as many steps to do ball position, proper distance from your golf ball and club and alignment. When stepping your feet, it is important that you accomplish proper ball position for the Titleist 915 Driverand the situation at hand.

If you are hitting an iron, hybrid or fairway wood, with your golf ball on the ground in a relatively flat lie, you should step your feet equidistantly apart as you widen them so that the club is centered in your body at the completion of your stepping.


The ball position should be more in line with the forward instep, the left step should be smaller and the right, widening step should be wider. The proper foot work will accomplish the right ball position, making proper contact possible. Proper distance from your golf ball and Titleist 915 Driver is also very important.

When stepping your feet, you must also adjust your distance from your 915 Driver and ball so that you are in the proper posture and adjusting your feet to the point where you feel your hands hanging directly below your shoulders. With each club, you should consistently be the same distance from the end of the grip of the Titleist 915 Driver to your body. This is the measuring point, rather than to the ball, which should change as the length of each club changes.

Next, you need to stand so that the line through your toes is parallel to the target line, thus left of the target. This line through your toes should be “parallel left.” This line is parallel to the target line but left of the target, much like railroad tracks.

The first couple of steps may be larger to get you in the rough vicinity of the right distance, and the remaining make the smaller adjustments necessary to be particular about ball position, proper distance from the Titleist 915 Driver and proper alignment.

However, these steps are just the most common and basic ones. Some golfers may have some other different preparations. These steps cannot only help you improve your golf playing , but also make you feel relax and coordination in pace.